For Designfluence, events are community outreach, human connections in a digital infrastructure that can be a mask to empathy and understanding. If we can't get together locally, we will never get together globally. We welcome input on this challenge to being human.

It will be our practice to design for needs that we discover by listening to each other. Digital connections are a courtship; true commitment comes with a handshake, a hug, a face-to-face conversation. Join the conversation with us.

Join our Group 490 ! We started February 2009 in Palo Alto with an intimate chat with Kurt Kuhlmann of Design Revolution. Kurt is co-founder of this company with Paul Polak, with a mission to create sustainable business models that provide poor people with affordable, practical products.

What? A DesignJam™ is a day in a world-class city (which could be any city), once each quarter year -- the first part of the day is sharing the latest and greatest in product design and development, with talks by social product designers and micropreneurs... the other part of the day is an open collaborative with those present to work on local design Challenge Projects. The evening is a musical jam by local artists.

We are currently designing a seminar series to explore the design process in appropriate technologies, disruptive products, and product development for the Other 90%.

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