We are seeking both funding and a coder who can adapt the source code of an existing online catalog application to our Cat490 Project. The Cat490 will aggregate all products that already exist in the global marketplace. It will allow any registered organization or individual with a machine or other product to post a photo, designer, manufacturer, description, price, location, availability, etc.

At least two groups we have spoken with are or will be offering open-source plans and/or CAD files as part of the listing.

If you have designed, represent, or know of anyone with products "for the other 90%," and would like to list it, please contact us with the details.

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The Healthy Materials Initiative (go to the wiki)
When designers start out with healthy materials, a certain amount of sustainability is built in. This is an initiative to assist all stakeholders in materials labs and formulation databases in adding a Toxicity Index to the variety of properties known about a particular material. A leader in this area is greenblue.org. Toward this goal we have initiated a wiki for the Healthy Materials Initiative. Who do you know who has knowledge/expertise in materials?

other links for healthy materials:
the Pharos Framework

This INFORMATION page will eventually index a global database of information on materials, components, processes and tools to help anyone who wants to design better, healthier products for the benefit of humanity.
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