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The Healthy Materials Initiative (go to the wiki)
When designers start out with healthy materials, a certain amount of sustainability is built in. This is an initiative to assist all stakeholders in materials labs and formulation databases in adding a Toxicity Index to the variety of properties known about a particular material. A leader in this area is greenblue.org. Toward this goal we have initiated a wiki for the Healthy Materials Initiative. Who do you know who has knowledge/expertise in materials?
And Found Forum
-- a networked forum that goes beyond being newsy and simply social.
Operates on three principles:
-- nothing is really ever lost, it just hasn't been found yet
-- somebody knows where it is, or can help find it
-- once we have found it, we don't want to misplace it again!
The Source
-- an ambitious project exploring the standardization of parts, components and tools sourcing.

The premise is that millions of dollars and thousands of hours are wasted sourcing materials, parts, processes and people in ineffective (or non-existent) systems in the never-ending, relentless drive to get new products to market fast. There is a better way.

-- a day in a city -- first half: reviewing the latest and greatest ideas, materials, processes and resources in product design and development for designers, inventors, artists, engineers, scientists and other creative people -- second half: focusing the diverse assembled minds on contributing to timely eco-social projects/products.

Write to us and recommend a city with great design resources or history and lots of designers!

DesignJams will eventually happen quarterly, and our dream is to have one in every country on the Planet.

other projects/initiatives we support:

HSIM -- How Stuff Is Made -- a project initiated by Natalie Jeremijenko

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